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Space Balls

Space ball, boiling
Space device passing through electronic boiling point to quiescent area to produce spatial dimensions

Space ball, cooled
Space ball ready to involute itself into traditional space after cooling to near absolute zero

News Article about the Big Bang

The Big Bang is, unfortunately, a scientific fable. Science is worse than an enfant terrible over issues of the Master Universe origins alone. However it, science, needs a better explanation, than what it has currently to believe they must deal with a universe so large it cannot be calculated.

This article discusses what we call space, and what those Who endow space on empty areas in the Master Universe, including our own area called time and space. How does space get installed with the nature we see and use. There are no space areas in the Master Universe, some because they have not been ready for use yet, and other places where space is never used. We discuss here how normal space is endowed and then flowers into regions for inhabitable use, and only for the area called time and space. This suggests there are other areas and other types of space but in time it is dimensional and useful to the senses of man.

This article is being written in the middle of June, 2020. It is meant to be an exploration just how space, really “a thing” is motioned into place and time affiliated with it, came to be. Science is foolish only because it has no real meaning attached to the universe except to calculate laws of fluids and resistance through gravity and light particles. Space is not sensed by us to be much, so be prepare to understand the concept that it is a fabric and then how such a fabric orients a big part of our mind reality.

Reality dictates in time and space that things begin and events end with the things that are in space. Relativity is the keyword for time and space and therefore anything in it that is material can be calculated with our form of insight called the dicipline of mathematics. Einstein is a premier figure in this, yet even he found that the idea of calculating forces that transcend mathematics are at work that also condition space. I need only remind the reader that it was Albert Einstein, who fathomed the idea of an Absolute and made a math correction for its transcendental application to the behavior of fluid dynamics of space itself.

That said, it is time you in science understand that earth and all inhabited planets. Which you do not understand exist, are in the space you see outside your window on a starry night all is in our Local Universe of Nebadon – itself a small dot in the Master Universe with its 3.75 million human inhabited spheres that is 100,000 light years across, and 15,000 light years vertically and 12,000 light years in extension.

The Master Universe is directed by design and the CEO’s are Deities with vast powers of comprehension. One of those CEO’s is our Science Officer, Rayson, who was personalized by a Trinitized action of the Father, Eternal Son and with the Spirit, and works in the Science Laboratories that takes science as a literal place to improve the lives of humans everywhere once they understand the principles of what they want to learn to do. Here speaks RAYSON then on space.

RAYSON - “I am RAYSON, and my name is capitalized because I am a Paradise Son of considerable rank, and provide this scribe his last taste of fantastic heart and soul before he leaves for the mansion worlds shortly. He is too old and frail to continue this earthly path and will never see Urantia again, as his worth is great and slowly apprehended by any of us as useful but now it is seen clearly, and we remit this last bit of science to him and all of you to understand just what the creation you live in, time and space, how it got there and how it is achieved today as what appears as expanding space while you observe galaxies and stars moving outwardly.

“As a result of this observation, many in science think the universe will eventually collapse on itself due to over extension of gravity force fields being unable to cope with such flights. Not so. The truth is that the universe is not held together by the forces of linear gravity. It is held together by Absolute gravity, and Absolute is capitalized because it is a divine attribution to the placement of space that you call distance and attraction for unusual patterns of attraction exist because the glue that holds the Master Universe together is Absolute gravity and not linear gravity.

“Once you understand that is so, calculate this: What number times what number equals zero? Well any number time zero equals zero, but in the Master Universe that first number is ‘1’ and the number that it gets multiplied with is not ‘0’ but the number 4.35721431527185 and that is cubed to the 31st decimal place. We repeat that written number so you are sure it is not made in error in this scribing. Again that number 4.35721431527185, and up here in our space laboratories, that is known as the Unqualified Absolute correction for all projectiles sent in space to move in space between point of navigation to go from or arrive to.

“I am RAYSON and that number is accurate but must not be used from earth but from some mid point on the space capsule travel you plan to go to Mars to explore the planet at some point in your development. You in science believe you can calculate exact orbits, and for short flight as to the moon, you do well. However, the trip to Mars has one problem you never calculated before, and that is because there is something called space respiration; the calculations made from earth have to be rotated with a small correction to determine the pin point accuracy of people arriving at the Mars destination.

“For that reasons we print the following equation:

M = MC² × 3.1415137257 (that is pi to six decimal places at least) times 4.35721431527185, That equals a mid-course correction to hit the precise spot on Mars science would like to land on. Science may make corrections from other points but always must the calculation be made from the mid point of your journey first.

Now that we have saved your astronauts lives, be aware this article is not the last to state these things for you and this scribe is annualized on earth to do these things. And now that we have shown you some forces at work you do not realize are working, let us look just how space was endowed in the Master Universe, for it is a thing and it must be calculated as such. Space is not empty, nor is space a trial delivery of empty regions without forces embedded in it. Learn this:

Space travel is afforded to all who have seriously developed the tools and the means to do it. On the planet some distance from you is a science center unequaled anywhere else, as it has all of the bells and whistles necessary to make it a primary example of how God takes care of those who know the intellectual means to travel space properly. You who would like to be on a team to travel space in galactic terms will have a chance to do so once this earth is no long challenged by so much evil it destroys your best works before they have a chance to make a contribution.

“For that reason we have to be circumspect what we say here at this point, and that is to make sure you understand how space got place in this sector of space and time for your ability to move between two points, and for your minds to learn how to synthesize the sense of material dimensions. That said let us proceed with the idea stated as a title of this article: “SPACE BALLS.”


“When I, as RAYSON, saw this scribe use that term, I at first thought he was crazy to speak to such a thing. Then I realized to the human mind, that our description about how space got place in this sector of the Master Universe alone is exactly due to the appearance of what the scribe calls a tar ball as they are round, black, and shiny, and they are pressed out of the nether regions of the Central Universe core. You already have on this site graphics showing you the organization in grand scale, but recognize we cannot put all the information on those graphics that allow you the reader to determine how the Master Universe is really put together.

“We need yet another set of graphics to discuss space respiration, and space use of linear gravity, and space determination, since space is slightly curved, so imperceptibly, calculations must be attempted from several locations first, and you dare not fly long distances to a distant galaxy with just one shot to get there. The ellipsoid curvature and the linear gravity exercises are too great to do that.

“Be assured I am a Paradise Son, but I am also a special creation of the kind of Paradise Son, that I am. I am personalized by two existential Deities to do work in the time space regions in which your planet survives barely. For that reason my work is happily done any time I can find a scribe like this one. He is finer than a fine-toothed comb. And is full of bite when crossed; however, be advised this article is not the last of these articles and he is to do them for a long time to come. Be also assured evil is held at bay while these transmissions take place. It is for that reason we state the following to him and to all of you who read these passages:

“No man shall win against God, but no rebel shall win against the man who stands up straight and refuses to be taken in by the sophistry of a rebellion or a plot against God so nefarious it bleeds the good will of God to the point he will take His revenge on such who rebel.”

“This article is being written in the midst of such a rebellion on earth right now and as such the scribe is under constant attack to miswrite what must be stated for readers to understand precisely how the Master Universe. The FATHER Himself is guarding this article as it is being written so nothing of error creeps into it and for that reason, those of you who know about the 5th epochal revelation: Be aware there is error now to introduced that volume to the junk pile as it is no longer fully valid any longer. It is for these reasons we warn all who attend these articles they are the truth but placed before you under extreme pressure to get them down and out while there is yet an open window to provide them to you. No one expects this scribe to survive long, but he has refused death and will never allow error to creep in with this work again. That said, let us examine how the “space balls” arrive and what they do to place space in a region that does not yet have space to travel through.

SPACE BALLS are, as we said, black and shiny and they are orbs. They are placed into a region where human life is to occur. Time and space was designed mostly to house the lower spirit orders of beginning life to arrange that the experience they attain could be used by the Master Universe to calculate its way into deep space and further understand what comes next in conscious reality. That said, the rebellion just occurring now is designed to preempt that plan and destroy the human ability to ascend to perfection through normal experiential means. The rebels are at bay but not defeated and this article is quite circumspect in dealing with them at this point for Reasons of State.

“However, let it be known that the entire matter about SPACE BALLS is circumspect as we must tell you things very hard to understand from the point of using your material minds. Much greater mind is available, but the human mind is not capable of using it yet. A term called MOTA would explain how a much better mind works as that is a divine attribution added to mind to see into problems with extreme accuracy. Be that as it may be, read the following description just how space arrives to use it:


“They arrive in an empty sector of the Master Universe suddenly, and in such mass there is hardly any space left between them. The third illustration shows the mass, the previous ones are shown singly to get the idea of what they look like. They arrive suddenly in the trillions, as the time space sector is at least 80,000,000 (eighty million) light-years wide, and about one billion light years vertically, and nearly 58,000,000,000 (fifty-eight billion) around, as it is a donut-shaped ellipse rotating around the Central Universe in a counter clockwise direction.

“For that reason, space to fill such an enormous empty area, must receive an unlimited amount of space-carrying devices to fill the area well enough it is transmissible to the outer space levels next door to it that begin with the ‘wall of galaxies’ astronomers refer to in their reports to space agencies around the world.

“SPACE BALLS are extremely dangerous for any ship to get near to them. They still exist near the Wall of Galaxies and are avoided at all costs by deep space probes from other planets who have achieved galactic space travel you call their ships UFOs — but that is a story for another day. In this article we simply note them and leave it for a future article to discuss them visually for you too. But these conveyances of new space for no-space regions, are entirely muscular on the outside and must be cooled to near zero degrees Kelvin, before they spill their dimensional space into the adjacent areas of where they exist.

“For this reason we deplore the inability of your English language to accurately describe the process, but briefly it is poorly explained this way:

“SPACE BALLS have to turn themselves inside-out to create space. They do this by becoming translucent, then totally solid black, and then just as suddenly a grey white, as you may see in the first illustration above. That space ball has emerged from the electronic boiling point of over 345 million degrees Kelvin, and they require a small eternity to cool down, but that is what started your time space universe and it is ridiculous to place an explosion to start anything, for nothing in the Master Universe begins life or anything that way. Galaxies explode but nothing up to them creates anything like them to start with.

“For that reason your sciences must start over trying to understand how the universe near you got started. Yes, the explosion they notice and calculate did happen about 8.6 billion years ago, but that was a galactic explosion that formed you sun we call Monmatia, and the planets that survived in orbit around it. Another system we name as the Angona system, made a horrible error and ran through the middle of your solar system, tilting planets and nearly extinguishing your own sun from ever shining again. However, all survived but long after Angona itself destroyed itself in the core of your own ‘Milky Way,’ itself the collision of two galaxies a very long time ago.

“Nonetheless, SPACE BALLS turn from objects almost to feathers of transmissible space by turning themselves inside out and the feathery remains inside of become dimensional space. They are extremely dangers before they do that and they must change quickly or they could engulf an areas with too shallow of a smear of space for space must remain fluid and not just a veneer. For that reason Space Balls are never allowed near an inhabited planet, but near the Wall of Galaxies there is yet a pocket being filled with space you cannot see, as it is located in an orbit behind the Central Lodgement of the existential Deities.

“That concludes the work of this article and we thank all of you for enjoying this adventure of science with us. I am RAYSON and we will see you someday on earth, Urantia, as I will incarnate and teach science when that day comes.”



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