The Divine Resonance of The Science of Rayson - Q&A - Milky Way Galaxy and Virgo Supercluster

Question, 2020-06-19:

I would like to know if the Milky Way Galaxy is the minor sector of Ensa and if the Virgo Supercluster is the superuniverse of Orvonton

Rayson responds, 2020-06-23:

The Milky Way is a star stream actually composed of two colliding galaxies over one hundred billion earth years ago. The star stream actually embraces to Superuniverses, but it lies astride, mostly our local space area called the Local universe of Nebadon. The Milky Way also crossed in the Superuniverse of Orvonton, portions of two other nearby Local Universes, Avalon and Sensalon. Sensalon is on the west side of our Local Universe of Nebadon to orient yourself. North in space is wherever the space pressure is greatest if you can measure. Up and down are useless to determine, but the Central Universe and its gravity control, exhibit a little understood phenomenon which the materialized center has greatest space pressure from one end of it than the other. Space travelers rotate around this materialization and their instruments are always tuned to the area where the greatest space pressure exists. That they place on their star maps as you do on Urantia as the north start area to use your terminology. The Milky Way is distributed, more or less, an east-west arrangement through Nebadon.

The Milky Way star stream belongs mostly to Minor Sector Four, and that is not named in the Urantia text with a name, but there are ten Minor Sectors, and Urantia reports to Minor Sector Five, Uminor the 5th. The Recent of Days report that Uminor the 5th was seriously damaged by the recent rebellion on Urantia and is under repair, and places Urantia Star Students to Uminor the Seventh to do their training there.

The Super cluster Virgo is not the Superuniverse of Orvonton. One cannot see the light of Orvonton at all from Urantia. If one looks toward the Cluster of Orion, which in the northern hemisphere is always below the southern horizon by about sixteen degrees. If you were on the space station, look out the port window and a very distance wheel could be seen, and that is truly Uversa with its star cluster of about seven hundred (700) giant stars, each larger than our Jupiter in the Solar System of Monmatia, to which Urantia belongs to.

Thank you for your question.


The questioner replies, 2020-06-24:

From this response i conclude that Orvonton is much larger than the Virgo Supercluster and that the Milky Way Galaxy is not home to 100 local universes ( a minor sector ) but fewer than that. The Superuniverse space level would then be much, much larger than 7 Superclusters of Galaxies. The Great Attractor is not Havona but the gravity center of Orvonton. That would mean Havona is of stupendous size much larger than imagined

Response from Rayson, 2020-06-24:

Mr. […], we know of both positions you hold in your study of the Urantia revelation, and the fact you are a budding physicist we believe. I will answer your comments for you slightly ahead of where you are in your studies too, as this transcriber, Ron Besser, is a budding physicist too, and both of you might wind up being Star Students someday so you can really learn the physical layout of the material Master Universe. For it really is the Master Universe understanding of its design and laws you are missing. This transcriber already knows a great deal more about how the Master Universe, as opposed to the Grand Universe, so called, is only a piece of the Master Universe at best.

With that understanding about my approach, let me say this: You and Ron are far different in age, your scribe just turned seventy-eight and you just turned forty-two we believe. For that reason you are a generation behind the scribe in outright experience, and in genuine need to know you are both equal. He is ready for the trial to return home and you are ready to advance your career further. However, let me, Rayson the Magisterial Paradise Son, remind both of you that the Urantia Book is now full of administration description errors and it must be replaced with a better cosmology as well. What I am about to instruct you with is from the replacement epochal revelation to follow to be read soon in the coming years. The current Urantia Book needs to be taken off the market for reasons of State alone.

Orvonton is Superuniverse Seven. It is larger than the other six Superuniverses. For that reason it precludes being swamped by the other six if they overtake it in the swing around the central universe. You suggest that Havona might be a lot bigger than most readers depict it, and you are not alone in guessing that. We have lectured this scribe many times your illustration picture of the blinding light of the central universe and the one billion spheres lit by the Paradise Eternal Son, is far larger than they show and if they really knew the dimensions, they would go back to the drawing board and redo that picture alone.

Orvonton is one hundred twelve thousand light years (LY) wide to look at it from space. It is also fifty thousand LY vertically; that is, if you would place it on a table on a flat surface it would sit on the table that high to the ceiling. But it has a decreasing issue that no one ever thought to ask about: how deep is the space level this huge construction sits in?

"Well the space in the time space sector is nearly nine hundred thousand LY deep. Time-space is a space sector that is also nearly broken in half due to a huge explosion in it just recently, but that is to soon to tell you about right now. Orvonton is also sitting on a bed of hot coals, as the famous Ultimatons of matter, are placed under Orvonton alone, to cool down from their electronic boiling point as they emerge from a portal into time space for use as pre-particles. Because Orvonton alone serves as the storage of Ultimatons, it must be very careful just what it places on the surface of Uversa the capital sphere of Orvonton, as it is radioactive due to the fact that Ultimatons carry two plasma rods in them and they create Boron, and Boron is one of the most radioactive gasses in the universe creation. Therefore Uversa must care that it does not disturb the bed of coals under it, and it protects itself with the idea of insulation foam. Orvonton and Uversa are obscured from clear space vision by placing a white haze over it in such density you almost have to be ready to land on Uversa before you really see it as your eyes are today.

Orvonton is three times the size of the Virgo cluster, but the Virgo cluster is not anywhere near the size of Havona, for Havona space sector is nearly forty times wider than the time space sector.

The Great Attraction is neither the Central Universe or Orvonton or Uversa, but the force field, and that is what they are trying to identify calling it the Great Attraction, is a field of cluster galaxies out of range of the Hubble space observatory. If Hubble could see around corners, it would see under Superuniverse Five, ten million undiscovered Galaxies of even more vast proportions than your work so far in space has revealed. These hidden vast sized ten million Galaxies plus numbering over ten million as stated, carry radio active isotopes and are quarantined forever as best we can figure. Why they exist as they do is unknown to a Paradise Magisterial Son, even at this point in my career, I am not familiar with all phenomena that can be found in time space alone.

It is not the size of Havona that causes this to be register but these ten million galaxies are so radio active, the gas from just one of them in Orvonton, would decimate most of the human population. Orvonton does not have 10 million or 50 million Local Universes planned. Right now it contains forty-five million Local Universes, but its design was to hold about 70 million Local Universes even though the Urantia Book quotes a much smaller number. I dare not reveal why this is happening right now, but be advised this entire matter of material planets raising human souls is being hotly debated right how. God the Supreme has defaulted and all Power Centers must not cluster to do the work of the Almighty Supreme. This site just issued an advisory to the Urantia Foundation, that due to the default of the Supreme, the Salvington government asks that no editions of the 5th epochal revelation be published. There is now far too much error, even astronomically, in the present 5th epochal revelation to be taught as it has been in the past.

I am RAYSON and we greet you later this year, we are quite sure.


Reply, 2020-06-25:

Earth astronomy has both a Virgo cluster and a Virgo supercluster. In your reply you mention the Virgo cluster. Are you meaning the Virgo supercluster in your reply?

Response, 2020-06-25:

RAYSON - Unfortunate I cannot say much regarding your question here. The star maps used in our labs show only one Virgo Cluster, but you are viewing that cluster backwards through your telescopes. That means you are actually looking at the edge of a cluster that has no dimensional extent to your telescopes other than to be a blurry dot. For that reason I dare not disclose the true super cluster. There are not two of t hem. You are seeing a diffraction of the mirror in the telescope you cannot correct because you do not manufacture the cause for it to happen. Its cause is that light not only bends, it can “spray” ghost dot photons. Einstein looked at the problem in 1934 and 1936 and decided it was a lens problem.

Well it is. But it is not the lens itself, for looking deep into space there is a refraction of light over vast distances such as is the case for the Virgo Cluster. It is so distant it can black out to your scopes if you have a very bad night to go sight seeing with an observatory telescope. Virgo itself is diminished (mostly by the effect of space respiration) to the point its light can hardly be examined for any real good information. That is because the light from that cluster is also actually being bent inward, as the Virgo cluster holds six million stars at its core, and as a result, the galactic pressure at the center is astronomically high. One star in particular in the Virgo cluster equals about six times the size of the voluminous super star mention in your Urantia Book. That star is called Veluntia (See Paper 41:4.6 (460.3) “The massive sun of Veluntia, one of the largest in Orvonton, has a density only one one-thousandth that of Urantia’s atmosphere.”). In Virgo, that similar star declines to even emit any light whatsoever. So Virgo contains many anomalies, so many in fact, you can not determine much for comparison sake to anything else.

To answer your question if you must be literal, we refer only to the super cluster Virgo. The rest is a confusing refraction problem to your telescopes.



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