The Divine Resonance of The Science of Rayson - News


Date Website Event
July 2020
2020-07-12 Added article The Machinery of Reality in Infinity
2020-07-10 Added article and poster The Arc of Infinity
2020-07-02 Added article Electromagnetism & Flux Showers
June 2020
2020-06-25 Posted reply and response about the Virgo Supercluster
2020-06-24 Added Q&A page. Moved previous questions/responses to it.
2020-06-24 Posted reply and response to comment about the Milky Way
2020-06-23 Posted comment and response about the Milky Way
2020-06-19 Added article Electromagnetism as Faith
2020-06-18 Removed Glossary, pending revision.
2020-06-16 Updated Space Balls article
2020-06-14 Added Space Balls article
2020-06-12 Added Comments sections
2020-06-09 Added Polish translation of About page
2020-06-08 Added Tesla Electricity article
2020-06-06 Announced on Serara Forum
2020-06-06 Added Intro to Rayson Science Development (About page)
2020-06-06 Added Space Respiration in the Master Universe poster
2020-06-04 Added Central Divine Universe Gravity Control Structure poster
2020-06-04 Added Glossary
March 2020
2020-03-30 Site design stabilized
2020-03-11 Site created


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