Top of the Master Universe

Top View (not to scale)

Top of the Master Universe

Space Respiration

Space respiration is a complex process composed of many different systems all working in perfect harmony to keep the Master Universe in balance. These drawings illustrate one of these systems known as the Rods of Absolutum, and describe their purpose and method of operation. For the student who wishes to gain a comprehensive understanding of space respiration, the other systems that are part of it, such as the space reservoirs, Paradise gravity, and other uses of Paradise energy must also be studied. These are explained in the Fifth Epochal Revelation known as The Urantia Book. One complete cycle of the space respiration process takes about 2 billion years. About 1 billion years of expansion and about 1 billion years of contraction.

The Rods of Absolutum

The Rods of Absolutum will not be a part of the completed Master Universe, in the far distant future, but until then they are an essential component of the space respiration process. The Rods vary in width, and length, have a depth of about four light years, and extend without interruption. The Rods are of two layers. The inner layer being absolutum, and the outer layer being ultimatum. The Rods are not materially connected to Paradise, but they do have energy connections to peripheral Paradise which are used to control their behaviour. The actual number of Rods is far greater than what can be displayed in these drawings, and their quantity matches the number of energy circuit connectors on peripheral Paradise. The inner ends of the Rods are kept in constant alignment with these energy circuit connectors. The orbital circuit of the seven sacred spheres of the Father around the Central Isle of Paradise acts as a set of seven rotating switches that open and close each of these circuits with the proper timing and in the correct sequence to ensure the delivery of energy to, or removal from, the Rods in order to cause them to either expand or contract by a small amount each time. Each time one of the seven sacred spheres of the Father comes in alignment in between the end of a Rod and a Paradise energy circuit connector, that circuit is activated and the required energy transfer can occur by passing through the sacred sphere. Once the sacred sphere has moved on, the circuit is deactivated until the arrival of the next sphere. By using the cadence of the seven sacred spheres of the Father to control the inflow and outflow of Paradise energy the Rods will operate a stable and safe manner, thus ensuring uniform expansion and contraction of the space respiration process. The diagram on the immediate right shows the radial distribution pattern of the Rods of Absolutum as viewed from above the Master Universe. The inner ends reach directly above the circuit of the seven sacred spheres of the Father.

The Rods of Absolutum are also used to help maintain the relatively flat shape of the Master Universe, In the drawing below this is represented by the imaginary line labelled as the Central Continuum. Centrifugal forces created by the rotation of the space zones cause the Master Universe to expand outward during the expansion phase of the space respiration process, This outward expansion has a natural tendency to follow this flat shape, but the application of centripetal force, which causes the Master Universe to contract inward during the contraction phase of the space respiration process, has a natural tendency to force the spinning space zones out of plane as they become increasingly more compressed. The Rods of Absolutum are used to help control this undesirable effect through their very gradual and rhythmically controlled release of energy which causes them to contract very slowly and uniformly over the period of approximately one billion years. Additional control over this effect is applied by the harmonic effect created by the cadence of the seven sacred spheres of the Father as they orbit around the Central Isle of Paradise.

Nether Master Universe

Bottom View (not to scale)

Nether Master Universe

The Lower Rod

The lower Rod of Absolutum is bent at the outer extremities on the outskirts of outer space zone four. These bends act as a restraint against the perimeter of the Master Universe and prevent the space zones from expanding indefinitely because of the constant centrifugal forces they produce while spinning around the Central Isle of Paradise, as well as maintaining the elliptical shape of the Master Universe. As this restraint gradually extends further out during the expansion phase of the space respiration process, the contents of the Master Universe have more room to expand into, and the centrifugal forces of the spinning space zones cause the Master Universe to spread outward and fill the newly created space. The process is precisely coordinated to make it smooth and seamless. The opposite occurs during the contraction phase of the space respiration process. As the restraint is contracted inward, the contents of the Master Universe have less room and therefore need to compress closer together to fit into the shrinking space. It takes precise timing and coordination to keep the system in constant balance, and the cadence of the Father's seven sacred spheres is key to keeping the Master Universe and space respiration operating in perfect harmony.

The following plates of the Master Universe are given in accordance with the best information available today. These facts and dimensions involved are from the direct correlation of materials supplied to me by Rayson, who spoke through the Scribe, Ronald Besser, to prepare drawings to show the newly revealed purposes and shapes and distances involved in the Grand Universe and the imposition of the Master Universe as shown in accordance with further guidance from the Ancients of Days, situated on Uversa, the Capital of Superuniverse Seven, named Orvonton, and by expressed permission of Paradise, to allow the drawings prepared by Xavier, to show actual dimensions in certain cases.

I, Xavier, do process these drawings in accordance with the standards available to me from software loaned to me by the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Thought, both which are located on Salvington, and are hereby rescinded to my use so long as I am not instructed to provide additional drawings for the Science Officer, Rayson, and Avonal Son situated on Urantia at the time of the indictment of these drawings for purposes of education and use in laboratories throughout the planet of Urantia for now and for all future time, as that may be defined today or later.

I am Rayson, and I incline these drawings to be a fair representation of the actual facts disclosed to me in order to bring these drawings before the public for educational and other purposes of demonstration. In these disclaimers above me, I mention the Scribe, Ronald Besser, who is also assigned to me to partake of the lessons on Ultimacy and of the Absolute, views of time and space, and commend him for bearing with us, Rayson and Xavier, to present these drawings to the Universal Father on this date as they are corrected and prepared for publication on Uversa and Urantia. These words were indicted and the drawings edited and prepared for publication today, September 15, 2014, and to which I affix my Seal of Approval. I am Rayson, Science Officer and Liaison Officer to the Magisterial Mission.

How the Rods of Absolutum Expand and Contract

Distance from Urantia (Earth) to the Sun as affectd by Space Respiration

Synchronizing with the Paradise Energy Circuits