The following plates of the Master Universe are given in accordance with the best information available today. These facts and dimensions involved are from the direct correlation of materials supplied to me by Rayson, who spoke through the Scribe, Ronald Besser, to prepare drawings to show the newly revealed purposes and shapes and distances involved in the Grand Universe and the imposition of the Master Universe as shown in accordance with further guidance from the Ancients of Days, situated on Uversa, the Capital of Superuniverse Seven, named Orvonton, and by expressed permission of Paradise, to allow the drawings prepared by Xavier, to show actual dimensions in certain cases.

I, Xavier, do process these drawings in accordance with the standards available to me from software loaned to me by the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Thought, both which are located on Salvington, and are hereby rescinded to my use so long as I am not instructed to provide additional drawings for the Science Officer, Rayson, and Avonal Son situated on Urantia at the time of the indictment of these drawings for purposes of education and use in laboratories throughout the planet of Urantia for now and for all future time, as that may be defined today or later.

I am Rayson, and I incline these drawings to be a fair representation of the actual facts disclosed to me in order to bring these drawings before the public for educational and other purposes of demonstration. In these disclaimers above me, I mention the Scribe, Ronald Besser, who is also assigned to me to partake of the lessons on Ultimacy and of the Absolute, views of time and space, and commend him for bearing with us, Rayson and Xavier, to present these drawings to the Universal Father on this date as they are corrected and prepared for publication on Uversa and Urantia. These words were indicted and the drawings edited and prepared for publication today, September 15, 2014, and to which I affix my Seal of Approval. I am Rayson, Science Officer and Liaison Officer to the Magisterial Mission.

THE CENTRAL AND DIVINE UNIVERSE - Isle of Paradise - Top View (not to scale)
Isle of Paradise - Cross Section View (not to scale)

The Central Universe Circuits

Dark Gravity Bodies


Between the central Isle of Paradise and the innermost of the Havona planetary circuits there are situated in space three lesser circuits of special spheres. The innermost circuit consists of the seven secret spheres of the Universal Father; the second group is composed of the seven luminous worlds of the Eternal Son; in the outermost are the seven immense spheres of the Infinite Spirit, the executive-headquarters worlds of the Seven Master Spirits. Each circuit is diverse in material, and each world of each circuit is different excepting the seven worlds of the Son, which are alike in physical constitution. All twenty-one are enormous spheres, and each group of seven is differently eternalized. As far as we know they have always been; like Paradise they are eternal. There exists neither record nor tradition of their origin.


The seven secret spheres of the Universal Father, circulating about Paradise in close proximity to the eternal Isle, are highly reflective of the spiritual luminosity of the central shining of the eternal Deities, shedding this light of divine glory throughout Paradise and even upon the seven circuits of Havona.

They are:
Divinington, Sonarington, Spiritington, Vicegerington, Solitarington, Seraphington, Ascendington.


The seven luminous spheres of the Eternal Son are the worlds of the seven phases of pure-spirit existence. These shining orbs are the source of the threefold light of Paradise and Havona, their influence being largely, but not wholly, confined to the central universe. No personal being may sojourn on any of these seven shining realms. With spiritual glory they illuminate all Paradise and Havona, and they directionize pure spirit luminosity to the seven superuniverses. These brilliant spheres of the second circuit likewise emit their light (light without heat) to Paradise and to the billion worlds of the seven-circuited central universe.


The seven worlds of the Infinite Spirit are occupied by the Seven Master Spirits (MS), who preside over the destinies of the seven superuniverses. The Seven Master Spirits are the supreme and ultimate representatives of the Infinite Spirit.

They are:
MS 1 - Siraya, MS 2 - Kuwaya, MS 3 - Moiraya,
MS 4 - Ocillaya, MS 5 - Mantrinaya, MS 6 - Luminaya,
MS 7 - Aya.

From these seven special spheres the Master Spirits operate to equalize and stabilize the cosmic-mind circuits of the grand universe. Each Master Spirit presides over one superuniverse, and each of these seven worlds is exclusively assigned to one of the Master Spirits.

They are:
1 - Orillington, 2 - Orvando, 3 - Manvando, 4 - Lanterton,
5 - Lexerton, 6 - Oreyparena, 7 - Orvonton.

There is literally no phase of the sub-Paradise administration of the seven superuniverses which is not provided for on these executive worlds. The names of these seven administrative planets are the source of the names of the seven superuniverses.


On the outskirts of the central universe, beyond the seventh belt of Havona worlds, there swirl an unbelievable number of enormous dark gravity bodies. These multitudinous dark masses are quite unlike other space bodies in many particulars; even in form they are very different. These dark gravity bodies neither reflect nor absorb light; they are nonreactive to physical-energy light, and they so completely encircle and enshroud Havona as to hide it from the view of even near-by inhabited universes of time and space. The great belt of dark gravity bodies is divided into two equal elliptical circuits by a unique space intrusion. The inner belt revolves counterclockwise; the outer revolves clockwise. These alternate directions of motion, coupled with the extraordinary mass of the dark bodies, so effectively equalize the lines of Havona gravity as to render the central universe a physically balanced and perfectly stabilized creation. The inner procession of dark gravity bodies is tubular in arrangement, consisting of three circular groupings. A cross section of this circuit would exhibit three concentric circles of about equal density. The outer circuit of dark gravity bodies is arranged perpendicularly, being ten thousand times higher than the inner circuit. The up-and-down diameter of the outer circuit is fifty thousand times that of the transverse diameter.