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The Machinery of Reality in Infinity

Our picture is the symbol for Infinity with dried maple leaves scattered over it which shows that man’s education drops the old ideas to make room for a new Spring on top of changeless Infinity.

I am RAYSON, and I live where Infinity exists, and I work what Infinity stands for without any problems to my Deity mind.

Image of Infinity symbol in Blue and Red, surrounded by leaves, and the title, "The Machinery of Reality in Infinity", on a 3D-rotated board

I am now going to tell you something about Infinity you do not know and it is pure revelation which I will be famous for as I speak to science as a good friend of the family, and I do not demand you know anymore than you know now to get these treasures of facts no one else can tell you on earth. Here are some pertinent and very important facts about Infinity you should learn to know, and then try to make sense out of what your earth sciences tell you. Earth science and Infinity science are so far apart one has to learn to be a new student all over again.

This is just a primer, and a very short one, for we have planned a book on this subject of Infinity with this Scribe who lists thirty different facts about Infinity you do not know, and here we select only ten of them for you to consider. Here are the ten we selected to show you:

Be advised as well, that the facts of Infinity listed here are modest compared to the fact that each human who reads this, often uses Infinity precepts to deal with his own reality of working on a world like this one, but is never aware of the reality of Infinity simply because time hides the integration of Infinity with the material world of existences, and on your world, that is of time and space. Not all realities have time and many do not even have space.

Infinity and Reality

We now have provided the reader eleven items that are most important to know about Infinity. I have written about Infinity in which I list over thirty items about Infinity the world should know about, but this article is enough to introduce the subject, and how Infinity conditions your time on earth by one of those cabinets we mention. Those cabinets cannot be glimpsed but only spoken to by addressing the I AM, which places them all in a neat row for the later-appearing First Source and Center to advise the Consummator of Universe Destiny, the Master Universe was prepared to stand on its own and being the evolution of an Infinite character to creature identification.

The First Source and Center succeeded the I AM, and the Universal Father succeeded the First Source and Center, and all three states of existential and Deified reality remains so stated in the still-existing realms of the I AM, and the First Source and Center, and finally the Universal Father. When the Master Universe becomes near the end of experiential tribulation, the Universal Father has one more iteration of self-hood and that is as the character of the Father-Infinite, and at present, there is no definition just what that entails either for the First Source and Center or the I AM or even for the Universal Father, Himself.

  1. Infinity has no location. It is neither in time nor does it have space; it is lost in the middle of the minds of existential Deity only.
  2. Infinity has no math. It does not calculate anything. You make a serious error trying to define Infinity as an endless sequence of number with order or without order.
  3. Infinity is several times larger than everything and it is ruled by the judicious codes of the Infinite Minds of the existential Deities and has at least seven departments from which it codes the behavior of matter and spirit. Mind is not so controlled by Infinity but by personality, but personality never acts alone in Infinity due to the fact there is no separation of the Infinite Code of love and forgiveness in any department here defined.
  4. Infinity is trialed by the fact it controls matter, but it must also control mind through spirit personality. For that reason, matter is controlled by mind but mind is controlled by spirit.
  5. Infinity is worth nothing to the material worlds in that it is nothing but codes set aside by order of the Deity Absolute as represented by the idea of cabinets. Each cabinet contains one line of code which defines how anything in matter or in mind or in spirit shall behave and what potential it has to perform within the parameters of Infinity. Infinity has several kinds of departments not represented by an Infinite number of cabinets denoted to obtain obstructions from the Deity Absolute no more than required to obtain certain parameters defined by matter but not by spirit. These set-aside cabinets contain various advices such as limitations of revelatory experiences about Infinity, and the desire for all to know what they can be without referring to the Infinite plane of existence.
  6. Infinity is probably without limit but exercises limits for time learning (experience), and for that reason Infinity defines three reality levels, two of which have not yet occurred, and only time and space has been explored at all.
  7. Infinity has ten times the volume of everything possible, and while that is an oxymoron, we declare that Infinity is never static nor is it without inceptors or residual reductions if matter or time or both require extensions not originally proposed to the size of Local Universes or Municipal Universes or Infinite Universes as they may come to be placed in or out of space at any given time, and for that reason we state categorically, there is no limit to Infinity, but only in the capacity of creature mind to comprehend it.
  8. Infinity holds no limits but cannot be defined with raw numbers or integers of reason, but must be taken for its own system of concerns, for Infinity is a system and not a condition, as all reality is part of a system and not, as philosophers try to tell man, the end of all possible conjectures, for there are conjectures which exceed Infinity and they are never revealed until all three existential Deities decree the exhaustion of experience to change the precepts of Infinity– not in Infinity itself– but in the attitude of the First Source and Center, laterally the Universal Father and the prehensile I AM preceding the First Source and Center.
  9. Infinity is without a portal to extensions, but the Scribe reminds the reader that there is such an entity known as the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and that group of entities resides outside of this system of Infinity.
  10. Infinity is without preceptors and is indigenous to the last mile of possible thought, but thought is not Infinity even in Infinite mind, and must be understood more as the attitude of the Universal Factor called the First Source and Center with or without His Coordinates which are the existential Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor understood.
  11. Infinity is terrible in its ability to be seen or heard, but this planet you call earth exudes Infinity in its ability to wage war not all the time as man would have it, because Infinity limits what can be done by war alone. For that reason war on this planet is declared archaic but there are nation-states on this planet which press Infinity to limit the earth rather than the nation-states and this will cause extreme problems in the future as your to-the-point earth becomes out of synchrony with the Deities above and may suffer a final causality where it may implode and take all life with it.

WE state also the following for those who read these items on Infinity. It is for the purposes of extension of these remarks in certain other articles such as the one called “The Arc of Infinity” that we remind the reader this subject is so extensive, and then so limited by human capacity to reach those levels of comprehension, that we dare not further elucidate all we know about the Master Universe or the subject of Infinity itself. The scribe herein knows much more as we know much more than he does, but he is held in by our rank and his own rank to provide much more at a later time and beyond the confines of the present day articles on Infinity on this web site.

We conclude this paper with the idea that the graphics used in this Paper are meant to humor the reader just enough there is no easy way to teach this subject except to list items that essentially define Infinity without raising the roof of the Deity Absolute who looks at articles like this with a suspicious eye for its worth to anyone except the scribe and RAYSON themselves. For that reason this article is allowed to be published as is and we refrain from more at the present time.

Thank you from RAYSON and this scribe for your patience while we work hard to avoid another crisis over how to present these articles without getting so many upset we start another small war on Urantia, the name of this planet in spirit archives.

JULY 13, 2020
York, PA USA


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