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Electromagnetism as Faith

From The Science Officer, Rayson

Lightning and the Church, 20694790

Electromagnetism is a by word for many phenomena found on Urantia. It has to do with electricity and other kinds of energy which man never quite understands intuitively. For that reason, mankind on this planet tends to skip the necessity to run into thoughts of magical distribution of energy and to keep the idea of energy becoming the result of natural laws of the universe.

For that reason we are going to approach the subject of electromagnetism from a different perspective to get at the root cause that electromagnetism exists in the first place. It exists, first, as the employment of mercy on man to keep his own electrical system of cells and thought, viable and in constant repair if possible. Man can have accidents that shuts electromagnetism out of working order within one’s own body. However, even then things like cataleptic seizures can occur just because electromagnetism exists. For that reason medical science can get a grip on just how we work, (“we” meaning the space labs I come from), the idea of an electrical being a human really is so that he stays grounded and does not shock himself out of existence before he gets to be old enough to gain the experience that allows him to arise from death and to be resurrected on high as the same person he once was on earth.

Let us look at the human body first: it is flesh and blood, and those two parts or elements are what makes the human body electrical. The blood is always saline; that is, salty. The skin is a conductor of electrical rays of a kind man has never measured before, but your sun is now malfunctioning to the point that many plants, as this scribe has fully noticed, are not being fed properly to make the starches that sometimes stops them from blooming at all. This will kill your many flower species, and maternal beings who take an interest in the fauna on earth supply the missing sun rays to help plants bloom anyhow.

That said, the human body must also convert certain short rays of the sun into vitamins and sometimes in the case of calcium, into a type of calcium one does not know about on your Periodic Chart of the Elements. For that reason, the malfunctioning sun that shines on earth today is forcing the atmosphere to heat up in a way that will eventually kill the planet off into a barren round rock someday. Electromagnetism should prevent most of that from happening, but in the case of this planet we call Urantia (You Ran Sha), the power of your sun is unforgiving and planetary warming can start to be out of control without some work done by the spiritual aspects of life even on Urantia. Earth warming is no adventure to get used to however. The planet you call earth will undergo a small ice age again in about sixty-five years (this is written in June of 2020), and the new Ice Age regards most of the United States as it is now apportioned to be out of its inundation. However western Canada from northern Manitoba will be ice covered eventually. The Arctic Sea will freeze solid once more and Greenland becomes virtually uninhabitable at some point. Nonetheless, no on can predict the population shifts coming either, but it is electromagnetism that holds it all together as a workable planet until it is no longer useable for many good reasons you have no revelation about human kind and its destiny.

Electromagnetism comes into existence on inhabited planets only. You see a couple of moons of Jupiter exhibit electromagnetism, but they are uninhabited right now and they could become candidates for habitation if they prove to be long lasting. No planet that harbors life is, however, without electromagnetism.

We must also correct your thinking about how life gets established. The medieval view is that even animals arose from the earth because the sperm in animals could saturate earth sometimes during mating season, but that is quite faulty thinking in that it always requires an egg from an established species to perpetuate such life on a material planet.

However, let it be known that your own planet had life planted on it using a life plasm that was a gel and was planted in your early seas to mature with the process built into the gel called evolution. That is a future paper some day but not now.

Electromagnetism comes about only on inhabited planets if they are mature enough to hold life, when the core inside those planets begins to heat up due to the earth shaking idea of friction. It is friction that maintains the heat of a core and not compression, although compression does have something to do with maintaining the super heat your planet now experiences inside of its molten core of Lithium Dioxide, an element you say cannot exist, but in your core, it is Lithium Dioxide.

Lithium Dioxide has a very nasty side to it through, and Urantia is experiencing that nasty side right now and will do so for the next twenty to twenty-five years at least. The tectonic plates under your continents are shallow rock shelves, and they can fracture and breakdown too. For that reason we speculate that the west coast of the United States is likely to disappear as it exists now due to most of them collapsing as they hang over the abyss of the trenches of the Pacific Ocean as they are today.

“For that reason the electromagnetism you experience on earth today is hardly available to measure. It will revive as a magnetic north pole again in splendor shortly and when that happens, the Lithium Dioxide will turn to must Cuprite Dioxide, and that is so noxious, volcanism will start to take on the horror of mass killing of any living thing around such eruptions. Cuprite Dioxide is a Copper-Lithium molecule, which exists briefly on the surface, but it is perpetual deep in the core of a planet such as this one is with all of its unusual means to being found as a planet at all. For that reason we do not discuss that further for now, but just realize that your earth was never meant to be an inhabited sphere until it was pushed into its near perfect orbit around your sun. That sun is about the 31st from the last suns spun off by a super galaxy that no longer exists, and is partially responsible for what you see as your Milky Way at night.

Electromagnetism erupted on your planet about six billion years ago, and while earth is slightly over eight billion years old in rock formations, its true life as a planet was signaled by the arrival of the Life Carriers only five billion years ago.

Electromagnetism is a valid means to protect electrical-blood life only. It was not put into design inside a planet without life on it, but as you can see some of the moons of Jupiter carry electromagnetism just because they are in a formative stage, for life only exists by design and implantation and never is it spontaneously done by carbon molecules just being present.

Truly stated, man on Urantia is a combination of Life Carrier intrusions and the heart of God known as the Infinite Spirit five billion years ago. Genesis is correct when it states there was nothing to see or hear on earth until the light was changed to make it feed plants and animals in the life plasm that was placed upon those virgin seas then fully covering the entire globe at that time. Pangea had not formed yet.

Electromagnetism carries two very important structures in it.

One, is the ability to generate an electrical charge by further induction of matter known as the LABYRINTH AFFAIR;

Two, is the ability of this force that arises within a planet to stand the ability of serious discharges of voltages that would kill a planet off if it had no core chamber to generate from.


Until now, this condition and design was a deep dark secret of spirit to maintain a silence about. But mankind on Urantia is slowly regressing intellectually, and must be shocked back into intellectual and spiritual revisions, or the planet will lose this humans species. We kid you not, and your sciences must learn humility in the face of such drastic conditions developing rapidly on earth at this time.

For that reason we disclose the fact the Labyrinth Affair is how the force of electromagnetism actually appears in spite of the tendency of earth to peel off its electromagnetic issues over the lack of frictional forces.

Understand the electromagnetism is a conductive design only, and does not invent, by itself, electrical discharges.

But the reader has to understand that electromagnetism is not just electricity or magnetism either. It is also degrees of antimatter discharges on the surface of Urantia that makes these forces so dangerous unless they are harnessed by the earth core itself.

The earth core is mangled in earth because it nearly collapsed when another star system passed by in the early Cretaceous period and tore a hole in the Pacific Ocean side near Japan, that partially collapsed the land mass you know as Japan today. The tsunami that hit the nuclear power station on the east coast of Japan, nearly double the size of the vent used by the core to discharge heat and is now ready to become so lethal the people of Japan should be warned of a waiting disaster of this magnitude. That vent is located due east of that old power station, one hundred thirty six kilometers in the ocean under six thousand feet of water right now, and pressure alone from that much water keeps it eventful but under control. We fully assume this is correct and is relatively reported, not through our space labs, but as the voice of the First Source of Center Itself.

As RAYSON, your science officer, I never had that happen before either dear Scribe, and you are aware of salivation as this happened [yes, and more, as I am super intelligent all of a sudden, and believe me this dummy notices it], and for that reason we continue with a difficult revelation to bare.

The LABYRNTH AFFAIR is a precious commodity so long as it is under control, but on your earth the control has been lessened due to the weak magnetic force on the earth poles, becoming anemic to the point they can hardly be measured by a compass rose at this point in your history. That tends to tell WE who observe you at great distances, that this earth is going to have a moment of truth as to whether it can keep a human population going if its tectonic plates start to collapse in totality and it reforms new continental designs with or without life on them. It is an inoperable situation in that it is not predictable. And that is where the idea of FAITH IS BORN AS ELECTROMAGNETISM surfaces, for as long as you have electromagnetism present, you can keep human life going in spite of so many drastic earth changes.

Faith to stay alive and appeal to the mercy of God is present and allowed so long as the forces for this planet remain intact enough to control the death ray of ulterior movements of forces not designed to care about life as they find their way through the solar system. Incidentally, we name all suns that shine on an inhabited world, and we call your sun MONMATIA (Mon May sha), sounds almost like the French language in its soft spoken way.

Monmatia is a burned out sun much sooner than you predict because it has caught fire in the interior collar of the rim of the sun, and that produces a signal so strong to your planet, that it returns no electromagnetic response to what was once, even ten years ago, a robust magnetosphere appearance on oscilloscopes. Now it is almost deadline flat and many expect a pole shift or axis tile possible, and all of it is, but the main problem is there is no conversion of life force energies for plants and animals any longer shining on Urantia. Your scribe here sees it everywhere on his property and wonder how to stop so many plants dying. Even the summer lightning bugs have almost entirely disappeared from his yard this year, much to his regret.

The Labyrinth Affair is a name we give to these upending forces as an umbrella term to speak to them generally. Specifically, you on this planet experience discharges of antimatter in too large of quantities to maintain the peace and serene atmosphere you have experienced almost forever here. Yet the internal affairs of your governments insist on disturbing what stability you do have with nuclear tests underground and sometimes, blatantly, in your surface conditions. North Korea is summarily dangerous and will be stopped at some point by forces beyond their control.

In conclusions, we also state that electromagnetism is not a death ray as stated by Nicola Tesla in the 1930's. Tesla knew full well that the danger of man was his admiration of domination, even world domination such as the Nazis of Germany preferred, and that was not his cup of tea ever. The reason he mentioned the death ray is that electromagnetism is mostly accurate bolts of lightning if one can describe the arch of influence well enough to determine just where to land that bolt of lightning.

Cloud discharges of lightning are accurate bolts of energy, but they get dissipated by atmospheric conditions and hit randomly mostly. In some case as man standing on an open golf course, he has been hit by random bolts of lightning out of nowhere, but is unable to avoid it at all, as the calculation by the Labyrinth Affair already fingered him for the shot to be him. Yes! There is no random issue in electromagnetism, it is a force that has not real control except as it emanates from frictional causes in the earth core which produces the height of insanity to a human observer.

Fully explained it would take a treatise on how the Unqualified Absolute discharges energy, not to a planet, but to the major indices of the graphic universe not observed in your telescopes ever. For this reason such a revelation will have to be given to you when you are resurrected and are living a much more sane and intelligent life out of the flesh perhaps as one of our Star Students who learn fully what a perfect scientific understanding.

Planetary Chambers for Core Generation of Electromagnetism

The earth core is about six miles wide and with a rough circumference of sixteen miles. It appears to be glass lined, but is without any tensile strength whatsoever. For that reason it shatters every sixty million years, and it shattered again in 1949, just as the world was ready to start a war in Korea. That core is staying well in place at this time, and the real problem is to have it become a much larger chamber to handle the heat build up in it lately. That heat build up causes your atmosphere above the surface of the planet to collect more water vapor than it should, and as a result torrential rain erupts at times that never seems to be shut off even with normal atmospheric conditions.

The earth core is now close to the electronic boiling point again, which is slightly in excess of three hundred forty-five million degrees (345 million) Centigrade. For that reason the core itself melts periodically, and such a melt took place on December 7th, 1944 just as the allies were planning for D Day in England. Those planners saw a storm erupt over the English Channel that refused to budge and that happened because the storm fed on an overheated earth core that was so hot it melted the chamber. When this happens we call to our emergency crews to attend to a core that could cause a planetary explosion. Such a condition now exists on Urantia in June of 2020.

Earth cores emit heat, and not antimatter, but they get to parsing antimatter simply because the friction in the core from the earth’s rotation is great enough it creates electrical storms on the surface of the planet. Summer time in the northern hemisphere is especially dangerous for the simple reason the core is located not quite dead center of the earth, but slightly north of the equator by six hundred more miles toward Texas and beneath not Texas, but San Salvador. One must draw a diagonal line to the center to pinpoint the actual chamber.

But antimatter does erupt sometimes from the earths core due to the heat not being shielded properly due to a malformation in the earth itself, explained above, when a foreign planetary system passed by earth in space far above it and tilted the axis then over forty (40) degrees west and the planet has recovered enough now to have about a twenty-three axis tilt that wobbles back and forth as well. That is what gives Urantia it seasons, and also heats the planet up far too much in the tropics.

One should not fool with antimatter and it does cause ferocious storms in the tropic in particular. Maria, the hurricane in 2019 created a maelstrom over the Bahamas due to the fact it stalled over a geometric anomaly on Urantia just under the Bahama land mass, as that is where part of the huge asteroid that hit the Gulf of Mexico area that killed the dinosaurs 63,532,112 years ago dated from June 19. 2020. That asteroid is magnetic and is the cause of strange electronic behavior in the region with ships and airplanes in particular when they stray too close to the lode covered underwater by six miles of shattered rock, peat moss, and shells from many of ancient seas.

We now turn to the idea of antimatter to conclude this paper.


Antimatter is the shell that delivers prematerial sparks to form electrons and other atomic preparticles. This information has been on the planet now for sixty-five years and yet no one avails themselves to the greater detail this information affords to your understanding of matter. CERN uses antiquated dipoles to discover Bosons, and worse yet, is now underfunded to the point there could be an explosion when forcing neutrons through a chamber that now leaks like a sieve. Forgive the governments but not yourselves for learning the hard way what a neutron collider did on another planet with similar interests to your CERN. They blew a hole in a nearby mountain range six thousand two hundred feet deep and threw sixty-three megatons of earth up into the air that still clouds their metropolitan areas to this day. They do not have smog; they have nuclear winter scenarios over too much plutonium confined in too small of a space, and your CERN does that over-packing all the time. At some point Plutonium is going to win.

“Plutonium generates antimatter and that is fairly well know to the nuclear industry on earth here. Urantia as your earth is called, never misses a chance in its declaration to use electromagnetic forces due to the over extension of too many rods in too may places without sufficient cooling evaporators overhead, and this will cause eventually and explosion not unlike the Three Mile Island in 1979, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

For this reason, and many others still highly classified in our space labs, the entire matter must be revised when I appear incarnated on your planet shortly. This web site is made to bear the brunt of my work in the public eye, but I will shoot for my own designers to design a web site more in keeping with the kind of official information I wish to make available to world governments. That said, this site affords me the use of this scalper of information, the scribe here being used, to trade with him the basic information he can understand easily. That science cannot is amazing to Me, but that is typical of a badly run scientific organization that Urantia has today. Your earth is soon to understand that antimatter has no use to you whatsoever, but you insist on spending billions to find a way to calm it down and use it like zero energy. All I can say is if you attempt to use it, run for the hills as it can even catch an oxygen atmosphere on fire permanently, and if so, it takes Paradise Master Force Organizers weeks to shut it off. My advice to any of you is to never allow the idea to come forth to trial an experiment with antimatter that results in explosions of this type. Plenty of other inhabited planets have had their atmospheres torched even to exhaustion of oxygen and which such conflagrations cost millions of human lives in each case before the atmosphere could be put out. Your amazing physicist Jesse Oppenheimer feared this very thing when the first atomic bomb was set off in 1945 in Los Alamos.

Ultimatons - stage 2, 3, 4

Antimatter collects around Plutonium ULTIMATONS BEFORE THEY FORM PREPARTICLES mostly because Plutonium is such a heavy atom it craves new electrons all the time. The Ultimatons that form electrons, and sometimes neutrons and neutrinos, are similar in shape to the electrons and have plasma rods inside their heat shields. Here are pictures of the Ultimatons similar to what form electrons and so forth for your information above.

Nonetheless, electrons shed antimatter seed pods, hulls if you will, when they emerge as a force in an atom. For that reason we suggest you never use Plutonium again in bomb making or shield material for lead slave markers in nuclear power plants.

Finally, the matter we must deal with in the Grand Universe is far more complicated than what you must deal with on an inhabited planet. There are nearly one thousand three hundred forty-two (1,342) versions of the electron possible and Urantia uses only fifty-two (52) of them. In Hartford, Connecticut, the gold dome of the government building uses up three million neutrinos daily to keep it gold shiny and that is truthful for anything made of gold, as gold is so heavy of a metal, it literally does not have a way to breathe all the excess energy generated in its atomic shield cluster, and that shield cluster does not orbit the neutron closed center, but that shield is generated sideways in a diagonal cross of the nucleus most of the time. If gold is heated the shield than orbits the nucleus in a normal fashion, but otherwise in a diagonal way describe here.

We agree electromagnetism is worthy of a much deeper study, but right now we study its basics to understand how unusual atomic science can be and with electromagnetism, one even finds it stranger yet. Good day from our space labs located near the Salvington Government complex, looking from Urantia toward the once pleasantly designed Orion constellation and out a distance of seventy-two thousand light years as the crow flies.

I am Rayson and we will great you shortly from 2020 in about six months which is about December as this is written in the moonstone month of June. K”



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