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The reader, having life, has a mind that knows logic and there is no greater logic than science if pursued with that idea in mind.

Rayson is a Science Officer, but the extraordinary fact is that He is also a Paradise Son who will be available to teach the science of the Master Universe. The Master Universe is a segmented space district of seven different kinds of reality, one of which is time and space, and these space reality levels are arranged in elliptical circuits that rotate around the Master Universe Center, which is not only material, but also divine and sacred to those who live on it.

This web site is the posted work of RAYSON, which is a pseudonym for a Magisterial Son, number 411131171, and is of origin in the Paradise Deities themselves, and as such, He is designed to go to time and space and to teach better ways to discover things and inventions through the concept of scientific endeavors.

For that reason we are providing a web site for those things Rayson wishes to provide to all readers when they are capable of understanding that the universe they live in is truly multifaceted, and it extends an unfathomable distance out from the Central Universe to near Infinity status.

Rayson teaches that the Master Universe, the starry thing you behold from your patio or window at night, is truly outsized to human concept. Its Origins and its Placement are so rich to behold, the description of the entire Master Universe almost defies description.

Readers of this web site are material beings taking origin in the Master Universe part called the Grand Universe, and the Grand Universe embraces time and space, a timeless inner space sector called Havona, and the Isle of Paradise, a huge materialization wider than thirty-seven thousand light years (37,000 LY) across. It is fully materialized at that size, and it is sixty-thousand light years (60,000 LY) high, and is seventeen thousand light years (17,000 LY) long. Consider this sufficient to provide all gravity control of all seven sectors of the Master Universe, still not fully materialized in all sectors with planets or galaxies.

The wall of galaxies is the end of time and space, if one penetrates the wall of galaxies into the inside of their area. RAYSON predicts that space sector we see the front of as a wall of galaxies, is over ten million light years deep, and is called Outer Space Level 1 (OSL1). Further out He says are OSL2, OSL3, and OSL4, each bigger than the other starting with OSL1.

RAYSON represents a Science Officer title as He is proud to help bring scientific development to earth they call URANTIA (You Ran Sha) It is a name-title meaning “Planet of Splendor,” and is one of the most beautiful planets in any solar system nearby. Rayson is to teach how to use zero point energy, how to use clean fuels for transport, how to generate electricity from the air, and so on. Those are the kinds of things and concepts we will speak to on this web site.

Rayson, the Science Officer, will present all of these findings, eventually on this web site. Your attention is directed to other material being loaded onto the site for your education, and probably disbelief, as we must use concepts earth, URANTIA, has not yet learned about.

Please welcome RAYSON to our shores and you will see him and hear him eventually in future years to learn and find new scientific concepts beyond your wildest imagination to suddenly be available for your use. We wish all an education and happy stay on our site and believe it will contribute greatly to the development of mankind in the future.



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